2014 - 2015 SEASON

2014-2015 Captains report

The 2014 – 2015 club season has been a very exciting one.

Racing for the session commenced in October with the Courtney Shield and Boags 11 Long Distance Regatta. State Pennant regattas got underway in October with our younger high development squad attending both SP1 and SP2 at Franklin. We had excellent club participation at all other State Pennant Regattas, culminating with great success at the State Championships in February.

State Championship winners 2014/15

  • Women’s U21 Single Caitlin Bloomfield
  • Men’s U 21 Single     Henry Youl.
  • Men’s U21 2X            Oliver Cook (b) Henry Youl (str)
  • Men’s U23 4-            Oliver Cook (b) Oli Marsden (2) Mitch Digney (3) Henry Youl (str)
  • Men’s U 23 4X           Oliver Marsden (b)Mitch Digney (2) Oliver Cook(3) Henry Youl (str)
  • Men’s Senior 8          Matt Wyton, Oliver Marsden, Ali Foot, Oliver Cook, Mitch Digney, Brendan  Longman, John McKenzie, Henry Youl (str)     Cox - Josie Robertson
  • Men’s Senior 4-         Ali Foot (b) , Brendan Longman (2) Mitch Digney(3),  Henry Youl (str)
  • Men’s Senior 4X        Brendan Longman (b) Mitch Digney (2) Oliver Cook (3), Henry Youl (str)

We had good club representation at the NSW Championships in February and then the Australian Nationals and Interstate Regatta in March where medals were won and a lot was learnt by all the competitors enabling them to set new goals for the forthcoming season.

Australian Nationals and Interstate Regatta ( Penrith)

  • U 21 Men’s Single                             Henry Youl (Gold)
  • U21 Lightweight Women’s Single     Caitlin Bloomfield (Silver)
  • U23 Lightweight Men’s Single          Oliver Cook (Gold)
  • Others who competed at National Championships:
  • Ciona Wilson, Brendan Longman, John McKenzie, Josie Robertson ( Cox)

Australian Representation:

The Trans Tasman Challenge Australia/New Zealand

  • U21 Men                               Henry Youl, Oliver Cook
  • U21 Women’s Lightweight   Caitlin Bloomfield

Tamar’s great success on the water is the direct result of the efforts of our dedicated coaches. Our sincere thanks go to Ron Woods, who was assisted by the TIS coach Anthony Edwards.  Thank you also to David McFarlane, Ross Gregory and John Hewitt. A special mention goes to Alan Kitto.  After years of coaching at the Tamar Rowing Club he is still turning out winning and competitive crews.  I should also mention the support we have received from Rob Prescott –State Development Officer for Rowing Tasmania.

One of the great strengths of the Tamar Rowing Club is the unsung heroes who do the jobs around the club that few people realize are being done. Some examples, although not a comprehensive list are:

Alan Kitto for keeping the rubbish bins emptied and doing the wheelie bin run and often cleaning the pontoons.

Tim Foley was challenged when controlling the weeds around the edges of the club but with persistence succeeded in killing them.

Chris (Bush) Symons, thanks for running the bar and towing the boat trailer.

Jim Guy for organizing Tamar Master’s Regatta and showcasing the club and our renowned clubmanship.  

David McFarlane, what a man!! David has spent hundreds of hours fixing boats and equipment.  David made sure all boats being used either by our high performance rowers or the masters were repaired and remained usable.

Thanks also to everybody else who maintained and repaired the fleet. We cannot overlook Bob Mason who has given us priority when we have needed urgent attention for larger damages.

A big thanks to Stu Sayer for his ongoing support by printing TRC stickers, giving us printer logos and his ongoing encouragement - we wish him all the best.

Alan Weeding and Kim Wilson for maintaining the momentum for the kitchen upgrade. 

I would like to make a special mention to those people did their part in keeping the change rooms and gym room looking so good and would encourage those who have not contributed to get on board and do their share. Thanks anyone who took the initiative for mowing the grass so the grounds always look good through the season. This is not a complete list as there are many more members who add to the smooth running of our club. My apologies if I have failed to mention your efforts.

We do recognize the need to update other boats as the only boat purchased since the last AGM was the Coxless Four named in appreciation of the efforts of Elaine Guy.  The committee will revisit the club’s Strategic Plan and work towards the goals initiated by the club members.

We have only had one working bee and this is evident in the condition of the boat shed so I plan to allocate areas of responsibility for various groups. This may include the responsibility of keeping the Gym and boat bay 3 clean and tidy, looking after the middle bay and trimming the trees along the river bank,  looking after bay 1 and assisting with the main function area. Once again club members will be nominated a date on rosters to clean the change rooms and also help run the bar on a Thursday night.

I’m very lucky to have been the Captain of the Club for my second year. I have enjoyed the challenge. The last twelve months has been full of highlights and I will leave others to talk about our many wins and achievements. My job as Captain has been made easier because of the many willing helpers, and I especially wish to acknowledge the members of the Committee.

Over all it has been a successful year and I look forward to the 2015 – 2016 season.

Mark Wilson

Club Captain

2013 - 2014 SEASON 

2013-2014 Captains report

Rowing in the 2013 – 2014 club  season was a busy and productive year. 

The coaching was based on three levels. Ron Woods was in charge of our senior members, John Hewitt and Chris Symons in charge of the junior women. Alan Kitto, Will Calvert, Jim Guy, and Ross Gregory looked after and coached a large group of masters women and David McFarlane assisted with the masters men. Our thanks go to the coaches for their dedication throughout the year.

I make a special mention to the efforts made by Ron Woods who started training in July with a large squad that trained on the water in the morning and weight sessions of an evening. In September the squad began to add extra time both on the water and ergo time, this continued through the rest of the season right up to the Australian Nationals in March. This was a huge commitment and we appreciate Ron’s hard work and reliability on and off the water.

We welcomed oarsmen / women from other clubs joining Tamar for this season. Darren Purcell and Nick Silcox from Toowong (Queensland)  , Maegan Thompson from Swans (Western Aust), Brendon Longman, Michael Breir and Alex Murphy from ANA (Western Aust).

Australian coach Brett Crow coached loyal Tamar oarsmen Ali Foot and Blair Tunevitsch who teamed up with Darren Purcell and Nick Silcox (who registered to become Tamar oarsmen for the year) training out of Hobart.

Teaming up with some of Ron’s senior squad, Tamar was able to put together  a very competitive senior men’s 8 on the water throughout the season and become a force to be reckoned with taking out the Senior men’s 8 State Championships. The crew were  Henry Youl, John McKenzie, Brendon Longman, Oli Cook, Matt Wyton, Ali Foot, Darren Purcell, Nick Silcox and were Coxed by Alice Matson .

John Hewitt encouraged a younger group of girls that he introduced to the club environment after competing for their school. This group trained together competing in sculls, pairs, quads and fours, combining with our more experienced oarswomen to be successful in several state championships.

Through dedication and commitment by the athletes’, State Championships were won for the following events-

  • Senior Men’s 4- ( Henry Youl, John McKenzie, Ali Foot and Darren Purcell) ,
  • Women’s U23 2- (Ciona Wilson and Maegan Thompson) 
  • Women’s U23 2x (Ciona Wilson and Maegan Thompson) 
  • Women’s U23 4- (Ciona Wilson,  Maegan Thompson, Alice Matson and Alena Rodriguez) 
  • Women’s U23 4x (Ciona Wilson,  Maegan Thompson, Alice Matson and Larissa Storey)
  • Senior Men’s 2x (Oli Cook with Huon oarsman Toby Pitt)
  • Senior Men’s 2- (Nick Silcox, Darren Purcell)

After the Tasmanian championships the squad participated at the Australian National Championships consisting of Coach Ron Woods, Oli Cook, John Mackenzie, Henry Youl, Brendan Longman, Ciona Wilson, Alice Matson, Maegan Thompson, Ali Foot, Darren Purcell and Nick Silcox.

  • Oli Cook-  Gold U23 LM1x, Silver U23 LM2X & Bronze in the Interstate Penrith Cup (LM4-)
  • Ciona Wilson and Maegan Thompson- Bronze U23 W8
  • Brendan Longman- Bronze Open LM4-
  • Ali Foot- senior LW 2-, Bronze in the Interstate Penrith Cup (LM4-)
  • Other interstate representation - Henry Youl and John McKenzie in the Men’s Youth Eight and Ciona Wilson in the Queens Cup

From the National selection trials Australian Representation has been awarded to Ali Foot, Blair Tunevitsch, along with team mates Darren Purcell and Nick Silcox. Oli Cook has represented Australia in the Trans Tasman team in the U21s.

There was a good contingent of Masters that travelled to Adelaide for The Australian Masters and produced some fantastic results-

  • Marie Spencer coxMH4x bronze
  • Cath Lorenz coxed ME4 silver + fastest club crew Gold
  • Paul Francis ME4 silver + fastest club crew Gold, mixed 8 bronze
  • Alan Kitto MH4 bronze, MH2x Silver
  • Richard Norton  ME4 silver + fastest club crew Gold, Mixed 8 bronze,
  • Andrew Calvert E4+ silver + fastest club crew Gold, Mixed 8 bronze
  • Fenton Jones E4 silver + fastest club crew Gold, Mixed 8 bronze
  • Helen Foley, Kate Calvert, Maree Coulson, Narelle Hayes,

 A smaller group of masters went and competed in Italy for the world Masters.  Competing on a world stage showed our masters can compete with the best of them. The medal tally does not include the great efforts made to get into semi-finals and finals.

  • Alan Kitto MH8 gold, Mixed G 8 Gold, MH 4- silver, Mixed GQ4- Bronze
  • Andrew Calvert reached 5 finals
  • Kate Calvert G8 Gold
  • Helen Foley WG 8 Gold, Mixed G8 Gold, WG4+ Gold, Mixed GQ4- Bronze
  • Marie Spencer G8 Gold
  • Chris Symons
  • Pauline Winwood Mixed G8 Gold

A special thanks to several people who work tirelessly behind the scenes-

  • David MacFarlane for his ongoing efforts for the boat repairs as has kept the fleet in sound condition
  • Andrew Calvert for organising the sheep sheds that combined with other functions help with the ever required fundraising required to support club improvements
  • Chris Symons for towing the boats to state and national events
  • The Tas Rowing Council, in particular Jim Gibson, Rob Prescott, Grant Prior, Ken Davey and Anthony Edwards for their ongoing advice and support to the club
  • To all the committee for their support during the past season.

Winter is supposed to be the ‘down time’ for the year but there is plenty of training going on at the moment and we look forward to another enjoyable season ahead.



Results of recent silt-raking!!



Bye Bye MUD!!


Around 19 July, 2013 Karl Krause starting to rake the silt on our side of the river. He will be doing this for the next 10 days .
The Launceston Flood Authority are proposing to Rake between the piles and then close to our pontoon and continue to the green pile to the North. They expect to clear all of the mud to the North of the pontoon.

If all goes well we should have approx 3 metres of water at low tide.

Tamar enjoys another great season 2012/13

The club has had another great season with increased membership and excellent results.

Boags 11 AND Courtney Shield

The Club performed brilliantly at this seasons Boags 11 and Courtney Shield.

Our Mens 8 of Sam, Ali, George, Mischa, Matt, Brendan, Blair and Lewis, coxed by Maddie were fastest overall and set a course record.
Our Men’s Masters 8 of Alan, Dave, Fento, Richo, Andrew, Nick, Willy and Paul coxed by Morrie were first across the line.
In the quad we had Cath, Steph,Sharon and Jane, coxed by Morrie, while Lewis, Ciona, Mischa and Blair coxed by Maddie were fastest overall and set a course record.
Our Men’s Masters 4 of Andrew, Fento, Willy and Richo coxed by Morrie won the Courtney Shield.

Brendan, Sam, Rod and George had the fastest time.

The Club has enjoyed Seven (7) state championshipsthree (3) of our members have been named in Australian crews for the upcoming world cup at Penrith in March,   In addition we have had our rowers  competing in  crews rowing at the youth Olympics at Penrith earlier this year and a number nominated in representative crews for the upcoming Australian Championships. ( Details below).

In addition under the guidance of coach Chris Symons the Lilydale District High School has had two of its students Larissa Storey and Molly Dyer learn to row this year and have competed very well.

In our Masters area our men have been very competitive in all classes of boats and have won all of their masters VIII races this season .They competed very successfully at the” Head of the Yarra “coming Third in their age group in 34 degrees heat..

Our lady masters have formed four new quad scull crews  in addition to our existing crews and all are really enjoying their rowing and are bringing great enthusiasm to the club.

Thanks are given to all coaches involved for their time and effort.

Our senior crews under the guidance of Ron Woods, Ken Davey have been doing excellent work with our crews (hence the 7 State Championships at last weekend’s regatta). A number of very close second places were also achieved)

It is also pleasing to see that our coaches are so well respected that a number of rowers from the south of the state, (who are currently attending the University in Launceston) have chosen to train with us.

In addition two lightweight rowers have flown in from Western Australia, for our State Championships and other regatta’s, they stayed and were coached by Ron Wood’s and are greatly appreciating the club’s support.

(A) The following are the 7 Championships won by Tamar at the Tasmanian Championships 2013

CMLWT1X- :  Blair Tunevitsch
CM2- : Blair Tunevitsch , Ali Foot
C4X- : Mischa Tunevitsch, Blair Tunevitsch ,  Lewis Hendy, Matt Wyton.
CMU19 1X : Oliver Cook
CMU192- : Henry Youl, Oliver Cook
WS2- : Ciona Wilson (Tamar), Lucy Jordan ( BRC)CMS4X- : Lewis Hendy, Mischa Tunevitsch, Ali Foot, Blair Tunevitsch
CM2X- : Blair Tunevitsch,  Ali Foot.

(B) List of selected Tamar representatives for national and international events 2013.

Australian Crew Senior A LTWT 4 for World Cup at Penrith SIRRC: Blair Tunevitsch, Ali Foot
Australian Senior 8 Squad for World Cup: George Ellis.
Tasmanian Penrith Cup LTWT 4 : Blair Tunevitsch, Ali Foot, Sam Hall ( Squad)
Tasmanian women’s LTWT quad : Monique Clark ( Squad)
Kings Cup Eight: George Ellis, Mischa Tunevitsch, Matt Wyton, Lewis Hendey
Women’s 8 Squad: Ciona Wilson, Monique Clark

(C) Youth Olympics

Ken Davey ( Coach), Monique Clark, Alice Matson, Rebecca Matson


There are photos on the right hand side of this page of crews taken during the season. For other photos visit the club photo section.

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